Natalie Wilie


You're considering letting someone into your life and trusting them with your most intimate challenges and struggles. It is only fair that I tell you a bit about myself, my background, and my approach, to better enable you to decide if I'm the right fit for you.

I have always been the friend that people looked to for support because I strive to gain understanding without judgment. This philosophy also served me well while raising my three children as they stumbled through the ups and downs of adolescent and teenage life. As they became more independent, I took the opportunity to move forward with my career as a counselor, something I had been passionate about since high school. Being a counselor affords me the opportunity to combine my life experiences with my acquired academic knowledge to gain a more in-depth understanding of my client’s personal struggles.

I want to assist clients in developing skills that will empower them to face and effectively cope with current and future circumstances and challenges. I believe an important part of this process is creating awareness of your thoughts in order to work toward changing or shifting your thinking to something healthier and more positive.  Your thought process highly influences your moods and your behaviors. Not to say that we should all walk around thinking joyful, happy thoughts all day long because that is not realistic, and life is painful and hard at times.  But being able to change your thinking gives you the opportunity to feel and act differently.  This builds resiliency and can be extremely effective in improving your ability to overcome the challenges you face.

Getting to a place in life where you recognize you need help can be scary. Reaching out to a stranger and entrusting them with your personal struggles can put you in a vulnerable position. You are not alone. In order to get the help that you recognize you are in need of requires you to take that step, to make the call, to reach out and say, I need help.

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Fun Facts About Natalie

" I have three awesome dogs and two adorable granddogs."

"I don't like sushi but I love seafood!" 

"In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband going on bike rides, to dance classes, and visiting our three adult children." 

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