Career Counseling is Mental Health Counseling

COVID 19 had a great impact on the workforce, from unemployment to working from home, the stressors that the pandemic has brought upon employment have an effect on everyone involved.

Working remotely can have an impact on our need for social connections and create an unbalanced work/home life boundary. In addition, in a society that often relates careers with self-worth and happiness, being unemployed can influence one’s self-esteem. 

Here are a few tips to help feel better about yourself:

  • Identify the root of what triggers these feelings 
  • Positive self-talk- become aware of your thoughts and feelings
  • Challenge inaccurate or negative thoughts
  • Adjust your thoughts- according to research, the ideal praise to criticism ratio is 5:1 meaning for every negative thought, you will need five positive thoughts.

How can a counselor help in these areas? A counselor can:

  • Help clients identify personal strengths 
  • Help clients broaden their social support during this time of isolation
  • Help develop healthy coping skills
  • Conceptualize the association with work and traumatic experiences
  • Promote career adaptability
  • Help target the basic survival, social, and self-determination skills

The pandemic has affected all of us. If you need assistance working through the current stressors of the pandemic, please give us a call at Texas Harmony Counseling Center, (832)-352-1600, to set up an appointment with a counselor. We are here for you!

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