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About Child Counseling

Play Therapy is a way that a counselor can interact with a child that honors their unique developmental and emotional levels, essentially finding ways to help by speaking a child's "language." Children aged four to twelve years old might find they are able to better express themselves and resolve their problems through play.

Dear Parents,

An unfortunate fact of this world is that children are not exempt from the effects of trauma, grief, divorce, emotional or behavioral disorders, or crises. Each child, just like each adult, has their own personality, thoughts, emotions, and experiences, however, they have fewer tools to express themselves or cope with what they're feeling. 

Play therapy gives your child the opportunity to build a connection with someone they can trust to help them sift through those thoughts and understand the route of their emotions while providing them with the necessary instruments to cope with those feelings. Through 'play' a counselor is able to speak your child's language while guiding them through their experiences. 

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Krista Bassani, LPC

Krista Bassani

Specializes in Play therapy interventions under the supervision of a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor.

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