Empowerment During Hard Times

When we reach a point in life unlike what we might have imagined, we can be left feeling vulnerable and helpless. The unfamiliarity of the unexpected can feel daunting and out of our control. It happens to the best of us, because life happens to all of us. This overwhelming sense of powerlessness can lead to a heavy slump in our mood and in our general state of mind. Here are some ways to help free yourself and regain a sense of empowerment.

Positive Self-Talk

When you are feeling low, try to notice any negative thoughts that may be contributing to your mood. Choose positive affirmations to practice, such as, “I like myself,” and “I am a worthy person.” Your words hold power and can help you manifest a positive outlook even in the bleakest times.

Complete a Task

Make it a goal to complete one task, even if it is something as simple as making your bed in the morning. Taking action to accomplish something may be just what you need to help you realize your own power in creating change. That first step can be the hardest but most crucial to building momentum toward progress and motivation. 

Keep an Open Mind

When we are struggling with negative thoughts and feelings, it can be hard to notice anything else. Try to remember that, in that state of mind, you could be unintentionally disregarding any information that contradicts the way you see things in that moment. Keep an open mind by considering that by working to notice the positive things, you can nurture and create more positivity in your life. 


Too often, people forget that while relationships with others are important, no relationship is quite as important as the relationship with oneself. Self-care is different for everyone. Find the forms of self-care that help you feel your best, whether it includes spending time with friends, working out, or trying out a new hobby. Taking care of ourselves ensures that we bring our best selves to all areas of our lives.

Spend Time with Family or Friends

Feeling overwhelmed can sometimes lead us to self-isolate. Unfortunately, stress and self-doubt paired with isolation is a harmful recipe for debilitating negative thoughts. Connecting with positive people can help you feel uplifted by creating a shift in your perspective and a sense of belonging. You do not have to go through hard things alone.

Practice Gratitude

Difficult experiences can make it hard to see the good things that we have to be grateful for. Take time to find the good in every situation. Be grateful for even the smallest gifts in life. You will find them everywhere if you look carefully. Choose three things to be thankful for at the end of each day. 

Do Something You Love

Positive energy comes from engaging in activities that you enjoy and look forward to. List activities that help you feel happy and energized. Do not allow thoughts of perfection hold you back from doing the things you love. Schedule time for any activities that you include in your list to ensure that you do not forget to make them a regular part of your week. 

Remember Who You Are

Life is full of fortune and misfortune, and while we can be influenced by any given event, ultimately, the way we respond is a choice that we make. That choice is something that we can control, even when it seems difficult to do so. Think of the things that you have experienced that have made you who you are today. Remember the strengths that you have cultivated over time and realize that you have the ability to grow through new challenges, just as you have done so in the past. You have not gotten this far only to get this far.

The next time you think and feel as if things will never get better, let those thoughts and feelings be an indication that it is necessary to put these tips into action. As tough as life can get, it is important to remember that we can regain our sense of power over our circumstances with small actions that can lead to big changes. 

If you are struggling with finding a sense of empowerment when faced with daily stressors, contact Tx Harmony Counseling in The Woodlands here or give us a call at (832) 352-1600.

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Stephanie Chavez, M.A., LPC Associate

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