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About Teen Counseling

Counseling for teens facilitates improvements in self-esteem and self-confidence to assist in navigating the complex thoughts and feelings associated with teen struggles.

Dear Teen,

The stressors associated with teen life can sometimes leave you feeling low, sad, or alone. Those same challenges may impact your ability to make or keep friends. Maybe you have tried talking to someone, but they just don't seem to quite understand how you are feeling. Maybe you haven't talked to anyone, because you think people will judge or label you. Counselors at Texas Harmony Counseling Center can help you through this tough time. 


Having a safe place to explore and process your feelings gives you the ability to look at things in a different, healthier way. During therapy, you will learn new ways of coping with your struggle. You will gain knowledge, not only on how to build lasting and solid relationships but you will learn how to maintain and keep a healthy relationship strong and alive. 


As you get older, the push and pull of trying to become more independent can be difficult to navigate. You may notice that it is increasingly difficult to get along with your parents or maybe your mood swings become difficult to control. Counselors understand the reality of your struggles. In a nonjudgmental environment, they can assist you in identifying and exploring your emotions as you navigate the pressures of being a teenager.

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Dear Parents,

You are not alone if you are having a difficult time connecting with your teen lately. Nothing you try seems sustainable and you begin feeling frustrated and unsure of how to help your child. Some teen behaviors can be normal but there are times when moods and behaviors can be more serious. It can be difficult to know if your child is battling depression or if they are experiencing teenage angst. Maybe your teen seems stressed and anxious and you are concerned they may be experiencing anxiety symptoms and in need of new strategies to help them cope in a healthier way. Counselors can assist you gaining a better understanding of their struggles as well as teach you healthier, more productive ways of communicating with them. 


Some things to look out for are depression, struggles with peers, emotional and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, self-harm, anxiety, anger, irritability, or thoughts of suicide. It is important to note that, if your teen is having thoughts of suicide, this could be an indication of something more serious and it is essential that you have them evaluated by a professional. 


As a parent, there are few things more difficult than to watch your teen struggle. Contact a counselor at Texas Harmony Counseling Center today to begin your journey to support, healthier communication, and the restoration of love and peace back into your home. 

Take the next step in your personal journey to hope, happiness, and healing.

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