Making Goals

It’s still early in the year. Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions? If your answer is “no,” that’s okay! Implementing change in your life takes patience, determination, and tact. Are you setting yourself up for success? Are your goals manageable, realistic, and definitive? 

Making a goal isn’t as simple as telling yourself, “I’m going to lose weight,” or “I’m going to save money.” To achieve success, you have to set concise and realistic expectations for yourself.

Deciding your goal 

Where are you looking to grow? Would changing your routine make you happier? Or would you benefit from breaking out of routine? Sit down and reflect on what your goals are. When you look at the bigger picture, are you seeking to lose weight or live healthier overall? Do you want to save money, or work towards financial stability? Whatever your values or objectives, make sure that you are aware of your core motives. This will help you navigate the best path towards finding success!

Be specific 

You might want to cut back on alcohol, but what does that look like to you? Set clear and decisive parameters for your goals. Should you only drink on social occasions and limit yourself to two? Would you prefer to eliminate drinking overall? You are more likely to accomplish your goals if you decide beforehand what success looks like to you! 

Make small goals

Why not give yourself the opportunity for little victories as you’re making your way to a larger goal. If you want to lose twenty pounds, work towards losing five pounds by next month. Once you lose five pounds, aim to lose five more pounds by the end of the next month! When you do this, you award yourself the opportunity to celebrate successes and increase your drive and motivation. 

Be realistic

If you don’t regularly work out, is it reasonable to expect your future self to go to the gym 7 days a week? Or if you want to save money, have you sat down and looked at your finances? When you set a goal that is more realistic, you set yourself up for success! If your goals are not realistic, you might not accomplish what you want and could become less motivated to try again. 

Be kind to yourself 

Setting a goal is supposed to help you to grow, not make you miserable. Missing one day of working out doesn’t mean you should give up on your journey altogether. You are human and you will make mistakes! The important thing is to persevere and not judge yourself too harshly. 

If you would like help on your journey towards personal growth, give Tx Harmony Counseling a call at (832) 352-1600 or contact us here. 

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