Self-Care in the Morning

Mornings are often regarded as the worst time of the day. You have to get out of bed (yuck), prepare for your day, and either go to work, school or do household chores. However, the morning can become an instrumental part of your self-care practices and set the tone for the rest of your day. 

A great way to practice self-care is to establish a morning routine that starts your day off in a way that encourages you to be happier and more productive. Those who deal with depression, anxiety, or overwhelming daily stressors may see a noticeable difference in their mental health after incorporating a few of the coping mechanisms listed below!

Make your bed

While this may sound like a chore, making your bed first thing in the morning starts your day by accomplishing a task. Checking off something from your to-do list will give you a sense of achievement and encourage you to continue to be productive throughout the day. 

Another way making your bed can influence your day is by reducing the likeliness that you get back into it. Especially for those who struggle with depression and have to fight off the urge to go back to sleep. 

Drink water first

As you sleep, the water in your body depletes. Drinking water when you first wake up helps to jump-start your system and replenish the water you used while you were asleep. You know you should be hydrating as you go about your day, so why not start off first thing in the morning? Hydration aids in digestion and helps regulate your bowel movements. It gives you clearer skin, boosts your metabolism, and even wakes you up! 

Make a to-do list

Tackling your day is easier when you know what you’re up against. Making a list of your goals gives you the control to plan the day in a fashion that makes it more likely you’ll accomplish them. 

Take some time to yourself

It is important to do this outside of your bedroom so that you’re not tempted to go back to sleep. Sit on the couch while you think about your upcoming day. Or you can sit on the porch while you’re drinking coffee or tea. Give yourself a moment to set your intentions for the day. Taking this time will allow you to properly prepare for the day’s obstacles. 

Stretch or Workout 

Working out is a good way to boost your endorphins and give you a sense of accomplishment before your day even begins. However, if you don’t have time in your morning routine to work out, that’s okay. You can go on a quick walk or take a few moments to stretch. 

Stretching is a simple, quick way to get your blood flowing and wake you up. Certain stretches can energize your body, calm your brain and loosen muscles that may have tightened while you slept. 

A healthy morning routine is important to a healthy mindset. If you would like to address other ways you can become a happier you, give Tx Harmony Counseling a call at (832) 352-1600 or contact us here. 


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