Tershundrea Branch


My name is Tershundrea Branch, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate as well as a Certified School Counselor. I graduated from Lamar University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After graduation, I entered the field of education in preparation for becoming a School Counselor. In 2011, I graduated from Prairie View A & M University with a Master of Arts in Counseling and I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Counseling Education from Sam Houston State University. 

My journey into the world of counseling started as a shy, quiet, and reserved twelve-year-old who had just lost a parent and moved with their grandmother. Without the countless efforts of my counselor, I would not have been able to realize my passion and ultimately achieve my greatest accomplishment of pursuing a profession where I have the ability to help others reach their maximum potential.  

I believe the ultimate purpose of counseling is to enlighten. Enlightenment is a necessary tool for growth, liberty, self-awareness, creativity, creation and serves as the catalyst for discovering one's purpose. As your counselor, I view my role as a tool for enlightenment. My personal mantra is “to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” Luke 12:48 ASV. To me, this means that you are held responsible for the enlightenment that you have. If we have been blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time, and the like, it is expected that we benefit others. Let’s start on the road to enlightenment together!

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Fun Facts About T.

"I was once afraid of dogs but I LOVE MY BULLDOG!"

"I love shopping for anything fashion."

"Mexican food is my favorite."

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