Anxiety in Quarantine

This past year has been a new challenge for a majority of the population. We have taken on the challenge of staying home more, limiting our social activity and restricting our interactions with the outside world. When life-altering change occurs, it is not uncommon for anxiety to develop as daily stressors begin to feel overwhelming. For some, being quarantined at home means being limited in your usual methods of relaxation, so we need to be creative in thinking of new ones! Incorporating the suggested anxiety coping tools can take the edge off your day, and bring new experience into your daily routine! 

Essential Oils                                                                                                    

When struggling with anxiety, our sense of smell can play a role in significantly decreasing symptoms. A great way to channel our sense of smell is to use essential oils. From diffusers to homemade perfumes, there are several ways essential oils can enrich your home and ease stress. Their versatility makes it easy to use them in different ways, depending on your preference. A few ways to harness the scents in essential oils are to use oil diffusers, dropping oils into a bath, incorporating them in meditation, and placing them on the body (wrists, under the nose, and behind the ears). Lavender, sandalwood and ylang ylang are just a few of the many aromas that have been known to aid in anxiety relief. 


Movement can help us manage anxiety in a multitude of ways. At times, it may feel like we are trapped by anxious thoughts. Moving our bodies through exercise can help us alleviate the bodily symptoms of that anxiety. Since the pandemic, virtual exercise has taken off. There are YouTube channels dedicated to HIIT, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Meditation and Strength Training. Exercising at home has become easier than ever! Some classes don’t even require equipment for a successful sweat or serene stretch!  You can also find apps, such as FitOn, that have a wide variety of classes for free and allow you to invite friends to exercise together virtually!


Spring is around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate warmer weather than to nurture a garden! Gardening has several benefits. It is a grounding exercise; your hands are literally in the ground! Getting your hands dirty provides connection to the earth and the stability that it brings to us. Flowers and other plants can be aesthetically pleasing, as well as fragrant and beautiful. Plus, plants aren’t just for the garden. A great way to liven up your home is to add more greenery. House plants come in various forms, and there are several plants that are pet friendly, low maintenance, and easily accessible! Having plants to nurture can help remind us to nurture ourselves. Science has proven that plants respond positively to words of encouragement. If positive affirmations can help our garden bloom, imagine what that could do for you! 

Is your anxiety taking over? Do you need additional help during to this difficult time? If so, contact us here or give Tx Harmony Counseling in The Woodlands a call at (832) 352-1600. We are here to help!

Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC

Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC

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