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By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / September 19, 2023

When you think of friendship what comes to mind? You might think about the friend you see every day, the friend that’s relationship is defined exclusively by text conversations, or a friend that you are in a different season of life than but still have love and respect for one another. Friendships are unique relationships […]

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By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / April 19, 2023

Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting enough sleep? That’s because most of us aren’t. And even though the time has fallen back, due to the seasons, that one extra hour isn’t enough. Surveys have shown that around 1 in 3 adults are not getting enough sleep. Along with this, individuals are also not […]

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H.A.L.T. Stress

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / July 12, 2022

When in recovery, we are challenged to engage in healthy and proactive methods of coping with life stressors. Tools can be learned to aid in the stress management process. However, stress is a part of life that is inevitable, whether it be positive stress or negative stress. Stress causes people to feel emotional and physical […]

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What’s your (personality) type?

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / June 28, 2022

In the time of health and wellness, and getting to know ourselves more, several have gone to personality inventories to gain a broader understanding of self. There are various methods, but one of the oldest and most popular is the Enneagram of Personality; known commonly, in short, as the Enneagram.  The Enneagram of Personality can […]

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Spring Cleaning

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / May 4, 2022

Hello Spring! We are now past the cold and gloomy winter months (along with being very fun from the holidays), and are now at a time of the year where flowers are blooming, butterflies are flying, and the sun is shining bright and for a longer duration during the day. The colors outside are brighter, […]

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Conquering Your Inner Critic

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / March 11, 2022

With the fast pace of life and distractions all around, it’s easy to spend our days on autopilot. But when we take a step back or a moment to sit still, our critical inner voice arrives. The critical voice is something that most everyone experiences. It’s the part of our mind that thinks statements such […]

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Your Relationship with Alcohol

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / February 15, 2022

Now that it’s February, there are many out there who are just coming off the challenge that is ‘sober January.’ It’s a very common way to start the New Year; cut out alcohol for the first month. This challenge is most fascinating because of the various paths you can take afterward. Do you continue to […]

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Make your resolution fun!

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / January 11, 2022

“What’s your new year’s resolution?” is probably one of the most asked questions during this time of the year. For some, a new year’s resolution is seen as a reset; a new year has just begun and time has literally reset to the beginning of the calendar year! Oh, the possibilities!  It can feel overwhelming […]

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Grief During the Holidays

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / December 6, 2021

The holiday season is fully upon us! Decorations are out, and gatherings with friends, co-workers, family, and loved ones are occurring, and it’s a joyous time for most. While it is the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season can be a very different experience for those who are experiencing grief after the […]

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Holidays and Boundaries

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / November 11, 2021

While the most wonderful time of the year is fastly approaching, the holiday season can also bring on a unique set of stressors and pressures for individuals and families. The neighborhoods may be hanging up lights and inflating Santa’s Reindeer, but the inside of homes can sometimes feel much less festive. During the holiday season, […]

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