Changing Your Body Image

Are you happy with the way that you feel about your appearance? I don’t mean are you happy with the way you look. Take a moment to reflect on the thoughts and feelings that cross your mind when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or when you get dressed in the morning. Are you overly critical? Do you get uncomfortable or feel shame? An unhealthy body image can affect your self-esteem, your confidence, and your overall mental health. 

Make a list

You have some great qualities, but maybe you’re not focusing enough attention on them. Make a list, in your head or on paper, of the strengths that you possess. What do you like about yourself? Are you funny? Are you a good cook? Do you have great hair or is your make-up game strong? With all of the different aspects of life that force us to hyperfocus on appearance or weight, it’s important to be reminded that you are so much more than the way you look. 

Surround yourself with positive people 

Our friends and family can have a huge impact on the way we feel about ourselves. If you find that the conversation always turns towards self-deprecation or negativity, consider confronting the problem. That may look like having an open, non-judgmental dialogue with your friends about the way you speak about yourselves or distancing yourself from people who encourage that negativity. It will be a difficult thing to address, but it may have a meaningful effect on your mental health.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Social media and the flood of overly-perfected images of people and celebrities can take a toll on your body image. We know that these images are unhealthy, unrealistic, and possibly fake, and yet we still let them influence how we feel about our own bodies. One of the major reasons for this is that we compare ourselves to those images. It is time to stop comparing. Create some awareness around thoughts like this. Remind yourself that you are not that person. We are all unique and created differently. Let’s celebrate that!

Wear clothes that make you feel good 

Are you dressing in a way that makes you feel confident? Clothes fit everyone differently because no two people are the same. When you have an unhealthy body image, you may find yourself dressing in clothes that aren’t flattering or comfortable. You may have even resided to dressing down because you’re trying to hide yourself. But if you dress confidently, in something that you feel really good about, you may actually feel more confident! 

Address your inner critic

The way we talk about ourselves can, over time, become less fact-based and more centered around our insecurities. The inner critic does not criticize based on reality. It is a viewpoint that you have adopted based on destructive, early life experiences and attitudes that you have internalized as your own point of view. Acknowledge when you have negative thoughts and make an attempt to shift your mindset. 

Body image is an important piece of a healthy mindset. If you feel as though you need help addressing the way you speak to or perceive yourself, give Tx harmony Counseling a call at (832) 352-1600 or contact us here

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