Is Counseling Right for You?

In the past, counseling has been incorrectly stigmatized as something only for people with serious mental health issues. But, haven’t you ever needed someone to talk to? Do you sometimes feel stressed, lonely, or unable to sort through the thousands of thoughts in your head? While therapy is certainly beneficial for people struggling with mental health disorders, it can be truly helpful for people just dealing with the anxiety and stressors that come with daily life. 

There are many reasons that you might consider seeking help from a counselor. Our routines have been changed by a global pandemic. You may be starting a new career. You might be realizing you’re unhappy in your partnership or facing the challenges that come with parenthood. Counseling can provide you with a space to be open and honest with yourself. 

Coping Mechanisms

We often learn how to deal with our problems through behaviors that are modeled to us while growing up or from the examples we see in the media. However, some of those coping skills could be very unhealthy. Are you drinking too much to cope with the stressors of work? Are you bottling up your anger instead of confronting your problems? Do you choose social withdrawal over social support? 

There are healthier ways to cope with the stressors we face in life. A counselor can assist you in gaining healthy coping skills to help you navigate struggles in a different, more productive way. Healthy coping mechanisms are an important aspect of a healthy mindset. 


You are more likely to achieve your goals if someone is along with you for the ride. When you have a trusting relationship with a counselor, it is easier to hold yourself accountable for achieving your goals and putting in the work on your mental health. Additionally, it gives you the ability to be honest, without judgment, when you fail. 

Stress Relief

Venting provides catharsis. Maybe your sister makes you feel insecure or your partner won’t put the dishes away in the right place. Maybe the kids are driving you up the wall. Maybe your boss keeps underestimating you. Having a sounding board to sort through your frustrations and acknowledge that your feelings are real and valid can provide you with a sense of relief that ultimately makes your problems seem more manageable. 

Couples Counseling

Do you and your partner feel differently from other couples? Is the fighting getting more frequent or intense? Are you finding that even minuscule annoyances are becoming arguments? Has one, or both, of you broken trust by lying or having an affair? How about blended family issues or a loss in the family? 

Couples counseling isn’t just for people who have challenges communicating or trusting each other. It is for all relationships. Not only relationships that seem to be falling apart, but relationships that just need a little maintenance. A boost. A tuneup. A licensed professional can accompany you on the journey towards a stronger, more meaningful relationship. 

Counseling can be beneficial to anyone. If you are considering taking the next step in your mental health journey, give Tx Harmony Counseling in The Woodlands a call at (832) 352-1600 or contact us here. 


Madison Wilie

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