Relax on Couch

Selfish or Selfless?

By Krista Bassani, LPC / July 15, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! Come one, come all, and welcome to the chaotic circus of relationships. I am your humble host and ringmaster, People McPleaser, and I welcome you to our show. As the best ringmaster in the business, it is my job to make sure all of you having the best […]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Inside and Out

By Lydia Davis, LPC Associate / March 18, 2024

The winter chill has come to an end and the signs of spring are emerging. With the changing of the seasons comes a symbolic opportunity for transformation and revitalization for mind, body, and soul. It is not just homes that can be rejuvenated, we can also spruce up our minds. The age-old tradition of spring […]

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Couple Cuddling

Love Bombing

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / February 28, 2024

February is a time of the year when Cupid’s arrows are flying at a more than usual rate. Cupid isn’t the only one out there throwing arrows. When it comes to love and relationships, narcissistic individuals are also out to play.  They are armed with their own kind of flying arrow. What’s the name of […]

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