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Benefits of Interdisciplinary Teams for Youth

By Tershundrea Branch, LPC / June 1, 2024

School Counselors and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) can make a great team! In the clinical world, we call this concept an interdisciplinary team. Interdisciplinary team work is a process in which different types of staff work together to share expertise, knowledge, and skills to impact on client care. Research shows that clients working with an […]

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How to Tame the Anxiety Beast

By Krista Bassani, LPC / May 13, 2024

Hey there, fellow rider of the anxiety rollercoaster! If you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably searching for a way to slow down this ride and relocate to something a bit more peaceful. Well, you’re in luck because this blog is your ticket to a more enjoyable and fulfilling ride of life. But what is anxiety? […]

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Practicing Mindfulness

By Priscilla Buentello, LPC Associate / March 3, 2024

Did you know that there is one practice you could incorporate into your life that can increase gratitude, help with emotion regulation, and improve mental clarity? It’s practicing mindfulness, and it can help with all of that, and more. And there is a simple way to incorporate practicing mindfulness into your daily life with ease. […]

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H.A.L.T. Stress

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / July 12, 2022

When in recovery, we are challenged to engage in healthy and proactive methods of coping with life stressors. Tools can be learned to aid in the stress management process. However, stress is a part of life that is inevitable, whether it be positive stress or negative stress. Stress causes people to feel emotional and physical […]

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Self-Care in the Morning

By Madison Wilie / June 29, 2021

Mornings are often regarded as the worst time of the day. You have to get out of bed (yuck), prepare for your day, and either go to work, school or do household chores. However, the morning can become an instrumental part of your self-care practices and set the tone for the rest of your day.  […]

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Dealing with Social Anxiety

By Madison Wilie / June 21, 2021

After spending the past year in self-isolation, many people are discovering that the prospect of social situations is causing a level of anxiety they didn’t feel before. Whether that fear is centered around spreading germs, making conversation, or being overstimulated, here are a few coping mechanisms that can help you get through social situations and, […]

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Boost Your Self-Esteem

By Madison Wilie / June 14, 2021

Self-esteem is an important part of a healthy mindset. However, it is often easy to deplete but difficult to build up. Whether you are dealing with a pessimistic internal dialogue or negative self-talk, allowing intrusive thoughts to become more prevalent can have a damaging effect on your wellbeing.  To combat this, we’ve compiled a list […]

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Isolation & Mental Health

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / June 7, 2021

Given the hectic and busy world that we live in, time by yourself is necessary. It is important to take time to engage in self-care, have a weekend in, or take a break from social media and life stressors. While engaging in these activities is beneficial, and oftentimes needed, it’s important that we make space […]

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Managing Your Anger

By Madison Wilie / June 2, 2021

Everyone gets angry at one point or another. Whether it’s because a car on the freeway cut you off or your five-year-old made a masterpiece out of your white couch, anger is a perfectly normal thing to feel. However, anger can become a problem.  When anger negatively affects others, hinders performance at school or work, […]

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Healing and Nature

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / April 28, 2021

Humans have a special relationship with nature. Do you ever struggle to remember what it was like to go on a hike, enjoy listening to the ocean, or taking in the beauty of a sunset? It’s common for the everyday routine to feel overwhelming and draining of our energy, leaving us feeling depleted. There’s a […]

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