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Selfish or Selfless?

By Krista Bassani, LPC / July 15, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! Come one, come all, and welcome to the chaotic circus of relationships. I am your humble host and ringmaster, People McPleaser, and I welcome you to our show. As the best ringmaster in the business, it is my job to make sure all of you having the best […]

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Tips for Blending Families

By Mycael Parks / May 2, 2024

You’ve healed, met the love of your life and are hopeful this time around they are “the one”. Now what? You have kids from your previous relationship and are excited to blend your family with your new love’s family. From the surface this seems like an easy task, but soon you are greeted with challenges. […]

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Am I Experiencing Empathy or Sympathy?

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / April 18, 2024

What is your go to reaction when an individual is experiencing distress or needs? As people, our reactions can vary. One person’s response might be to sit and feel the emotions, while other’s might be to offer immediate condolences. But what is the name of these reactions?  Am I experiencing empathy or sympathy? Both are […]

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Couple Cuddling

Love Bombing

By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / February 28, 2024

February is a time of the year when Cupid’s arrows are flying at a more than usual rate. Cupid isn’t the only one out there throwing arrows. When it comes to love and relationships, narcissistic individuals are also out to play.  They are armed with their own kind of flying arrow. What’s the name of […]

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By Kaitlyn DeLeon, LPC / September 19, 2023

When you think of friendship what comes to mind? You might think about the friend you see every day, the friend that’s relationship is defined exclusively by text conversations, or a friend that you are in a different season of life than but still have love and respect for one another. Friendships are unique relationships […]

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Totally Radical

By Krista Bassani, LPC / June 13, 2023

With the holidays approaching, there may be interactions or events that will leave you in a less than positive mood. Perhaps you’re forced to speak with a family member you do not click with or maneuver airport lines and traffic because you are going out of town. These less-than-ideal scenarios may lead to a destructive […]

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The Four Attachment Styles

By Lu-Cheree De Jager, LPC / June 13, 2023

Attachment styles are patterns of behavior and beliefs that individuals develop in response to the way they were cared for as children. These attachment styles can have a significant impact on our relationships as adults.  It can affect the way we communicate, form emotional bonds, and cope with stress. There are four main attachment styles: […]

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By Lu-Cheree De Jager, LPC / June 13, 2023

Resentment is a common and often toxic emotion that can develop in couples over time. It can be triggered by a variety of factors, including unmet expectations, power imbalances, and unresolved conflicts. If left unaddressed, resentment can erode the foundation of a relationship and lead to feelings of disconnection and unhappiness. One of the primary […]

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Effective Communication

By Lu-Cheree De Jager, LPC / June 13, 2023

There have been so many times in my sessions with couple’s where the desire to “communicate better” is the key goal seeking treatment. Communication is such a critical component to understanding your spouse or partner – without it – we simply cannot connect. Great relationships are centered in the foundation of clarity, not mind reading. […]

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Real-Life Monsters

By Krista Bassani, LPC / October 27, 2022

October is mostly associated with spooky ghosts, scary skeletons, and excesses of candy the likes of Willy Wonka have never seen. However, October is also domestic violence awareness month, which shines a light on the real-life monsters that exist in all shapes and forms. These monsters are more common than you may think with domestic […]

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